Securaplane: innovation

With extensive engineering and technology development resources, Securaplane has continuously brought innovation to the commercial aerospace industry with lithium batteries, power electronics to support the more electric aircraft, wireless control systems, high definition cameras, and fully-integrated aircraft security system.

Securaplane: lean

Driving continuous improvement and waste reduction, Securaplane’s lean enterprise culture has been key to improve our ability to delight our customers and maintain our competitive advantage.

Securaplane: customer-focus

Customers FIRST! From airframe OEM’s to aircraft service/modification centers to end-operators, the Securaplane team aims to satisfy all of its customers by being flexible and responsive to their needs.

Securaplane: System Lithium

Discover the chemistry between us. In conjunction with Securaplane’s development of start and emergency lithium aircraft batteries, Securaplane has developed a branding strategy specifically for its lithium products, titled “System Lithium.”



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  • Energy storage technologies
    Securaplane is pioneering low-weight, high density lithium battery technology.

  • Power conversion 
    The Securaplane power product line encompasses battery chargers, inverters and cyclo-converters.
  • Camera systems
    Our video camera systems are on nearly every corporate and VIP aircraft as well as several air transport platforms.
  • Security systems
    Securaplane is advancing aircraft ground security.
  • Wireless
    Explore how Securaplane's wireless intranet communications for critical systems such as smoke detection and emergency lighting.


  • Repair and overhaul 
    Securaplane specializes in energy storage, power electronics, airborne cameras, cellular security and wireless control systems, backed by a full range of support and repair services. Securaplane  delivers excellent customer and technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week with quick turn times and competitive pricing.
  • Distribution
    Securaplane has established a global distribution network to support Securaplane mainship and emergency batteries, offering original equipment or PMA replacement equipment for Gulfstreams, Hawkers, Falcons, Lear, Challengers, Citations, King Airs and more.

Press releases

Press releases